The introduction of smartphones has made work easier as people use them to execute a variety of tasks such as internet surfing, payment of bills, shopping, interaction on social media, banking, and many other tasks. This means that a lot of people’s sensitive data can be found on a person’s phone. This sensitive data should be protected from hackers and identify theft.

Here are top apps to protect your identity:

#1 – 1Password

Most people own different accounts with each having a different password; this poses a major challenge of remembering all passwords. Passwords should be complex for them to be more secure and one should not re-use the same password. However, how do you keep track of all the passwords? 1Password helps you manage and secure all your passwords by keeping them locked in an encrypted vault. All you need to remember is your master password.

Cost: Free; Premium Features start at 2.99/month.
Download: iOS | Android

#2 – ProtonMail

Most transactions and professional communication is done via email and thus the need to keep your emails strictly private and secure. With this app, you can do this easily as it supports PGP end-to-end encryption. This means that only the sender and recipient can see and read email messages sent via this app.

It is very easy and clean to use just like many other premium iOS email apps, and it’s free. Developed by CERN scientists based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is an app you can trust. It also allows one to send encrypted and password-protected messages to normal email addresses and also set self-destruct timers on messages.

Cost: Free
Download: iOS | Android

#3 – Signal 

This is a free messaging app that allows one to send files and text messages, or make voice and video calls, in complete privacy. Everything you send via this app is end-to-end encrypted and therefore there is no way anyone can see or intercept whatever you are sending.

What makes Signal app unique is that it doesn’t store metadata on its servers, it’s funded by donations and grants, and the code is open source. This means that there is no incentive for its developers to store data that other apps may use for promotional and advertising purposes.

Cost: Free
Download: iOS | Android

#4 – AllClear ID

This app has over 20 identity protection methods that alert you when your personal information is used outside your normal activity.

Cost: Free
Download: iOS

#5 – Identity Guard

Many people live with the fear that their personal details are not secure enough and can be hacked. You can prevent that by installing Identity Guard app. This app will provide instantaneous alerts as soon as any unusual activity occurs on any of your accounts. It also provides alerts for any change of address so that all your emails are delivered to the right place.

This app also maintains your credit report and notifies you in case of any significant changes made.

Cost: Free; Premium plans starting at $9.99/month
Download: iOS | Android

#6 – Life Lock

This amazing app keeps your personal details organized and financial information safe. You can organize your credit card and other loyalty cards information in a digitized format, so you do not have to carry them wherever you go shopping.

Besides, users get data and theft protection service when they register for the app, which provides you with regular alerts every time your accounts are accessed by a device you have not registered. It also provides you a report of your credit score every month making it a great app to have on your phone. Its premium service starts at $10 monthly.

Cost: Free; Premium plans starting at $10/month
Download: iOS | Android

#7 – Log Dog

With many accounts on various social media platforms and websites, it is certainly hard to track all of them. This can be a major challenge when your details land in the hands of a malicious hacker and you are not aware of where your personal information was taken from.

To prevent this problem, install the Log Dog app, which will alert you of any unusual activities on your accounts. This not only helps you keep your accounts secure, but also enables you take quick action in case any of them is compromised.

Cost: Free; Premium plans starting at $1.99/month
Download: iOS | Android

#8 – Lookout

This app has the ability to give you theft alerts, ensure you have safe web browsing, backup your contacts, find your phone if it gets lost, block dangerous URLs, and offer tech support.

Cost: Free; Premium plans starting at $1.99/month
Download: iOS | Android

The Bottom Line

Don’t lose access to your accounts or become an identity theft victim. Download one or all of the above apps and browse the web with surety that your information is safe.

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