With rapid technological advancements and digitization, every new day presents to us an innovative way to maintain cybersecurity. But, considering the increasing incidents of data breaches and hacks, it seems the hackers are much smarter than our imagination. They firmly believe that there is no lock without a key. Likewise, every cybersecurity measure has some loophole in it, which can later result in a massive loss.

Remember the last year’s call to change passwords and the explanatory emails by Yahoo authorities? It went through a massive cyber-attack after which it had to inform its users about it.

For you, hacking might be a word limited to stealing the user accounts. Nevertheless, hacking isn’t that limited. A hacking attack can result in severe financial and informational loss to the victim. Just to name a few, here we list the top 10 hacks and data breaches of all time.

1. Yahoo

Yahoo faced a severe setback when 3 billion Yahoo users lost their accounts. It resulted in the loss of users’ real names,email addresses, contact details, date of birth, and the weak passwords. A similar attack happened in 2014 as well.But, this time, Yahoo had protected a vast majority of the passwords with the bcrypt algorithm.

2. JP Morgan Chase

2014 is certainly a year unforgettable by JP Morgan Chase – not because of anything good, but because of the dreary hacking attack which compromised 83 million records. If you research a bit about this incidence, you will find that the company was unfortunate to detect any intruders in its systems who were present there for approx. 2 years. Later on, another group of hackers also targeted JP Morgan Chase . Still, it remained ignorant.

3. Target

Target admitted that the company had gone through a severe data breach causing loss of 40 million credit/debit cards details of its customers. Whereas, there was a loss of 70 million customers’ information, including the names and contact details, too. The data breach took place through the company’s POS systems via software masked as an antivirus.

4. Anthem

The hackers didn’t omit the healthcare giant too. In February 2015, the firm suffered from a robust cyber-attack that took away around 80 million records of the present and the former customers. The cyber thieves stole millions of medical data as well, which is worthier than the credit card information. It all began when 5 staff members downloaded a viral software with keylogger via some phishing emails.

5. Uber

Are you astonished to see this name on our list? Well, you will now know that one of our most trusted services has also been a victim of hackers. In 2016, Uber lost the details of around 57 million customers (including the sensitive ones, such as the license numbers) to the hands of intruders. Well, the story does not end here. Uber hid this incident from the legal authorities until November 2017. In fact, it further paid $100,000 to the hackers as a deal for not using the stolen data. (Why did they do this?)

6. eBay

Around 145 million users of eBay got confirmed that their accounts’ sensitive information was lost in 2015. The eBay authorities urged the customers to change their passwords. They accepted that a security breach has lost all its data to the hackers.

7. Equifax

One of the largest credit bureaus also fall prey to the hackers during mid-2017. The company explains that a vulnerable application on its site became the point of entrance for the intruders. Around 143 million users lost their personal details to the criminals. Whereas, approx. 209 million users suffered compromised cards.

8. Ashley Madison

The hook-up website Ashley Madison also didn’t remain safe from hacking. With 412 million compromised user accounts, the leaked information by the hackers also caused problems for those registered on the site.

9. LinkedIn

The year 2012 brought a disastrous hacking event for LinkedIn. Around 165 million user accounts were compromised. Whereas, the hackers were found selling approximately 117 million passwords that were not fully protected. How this breach happened is still unknown. Strangely, the LinkedIn authorities expressed no interest in investigating it.

10. Home Depot

When so many corporate giants failed to repel cyber-attacks, how could Home Depot be an exception? Around 56 million customers of the hardware company Home Depot suffered a breach of their debit/credit card details. This hacking attempt was similar to the one Target suffered, that is, via infected software at the POS systems. Fortunately, the loyal customers of Home Depot didn’t leave their client after the incident.

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