The internet, as useful it is, is also a dangerous place. You upload your personal details onto your various sites with the hope that your browser will keep them confidential. But what happens if they are leaked out for others to see?

Your private details like your telephone number, home address and bank details if become public knowledge wouldn’t it be quite a challenge for you to face?

This is why, it is always suggested to use a browser that has the maximum security when it comes to private data. You must bet your money on such a browser that has all the mean sand features to keep up your secrets and never let you down. Speaking of security, there cannot be a better browser than Google Chrome. Read on to know more about its features, benefits, advantages, and what safety you can gain by using it.

Password Manager:

The striking feature of Google Chrome is that even offers to remember your password for different sites that you frequently visit on your computer. This feature is extremely handy since you need not remember your password because your browser does it for you. Also, it does not share it with anyone if your google account is logged out, which makes it extremely safe too.

Privacy features:

When it comes to browsing, you don’t want your data to be leaked out to various other sites beyond your knowledge. It is extremely important for your browser to be able to hold your private details confidential, and you must be able to rely upon them completely. Speaking of privacy, Google Chrome comes with a variety of other privacy features that are solely designed to hold your private information private. The Incognito mode, sandboxing technique, and the phishing protection are all part of Google’s design to withhold your privacy. They are as explained below.

Incognito mode:

The incognito mode is designed to be used in cases where you don’t want your surfing history to be recorded. Any cookies created while you surf on the incognito mode are automatically deleted after you shut the window.

You can run an incognito session along with a regular session simultaneously. It is extremely useful in cases where you need to keep your data private like while booking flight tickets or while online shopping where the prices tend to go up if you visit the same site back and forth.


Sandboxing is a technique that protects your computer form malicious sites which tend to leave their own programs on your device. Some of these harmful websites form the dark web also try to steal private and confidential information from your desktop or laptop, or even your hard drive. But thanks to Sandboxing, they are unable to do so.

Phishing Protection:

This protection is, by far, the most important and useful of all. You must have noticed that while browsing on Chrome, you sometimes come upon a site that is prefaced by this message by your browser:

Site ahead contains harmful programs’ or Page is trying to load scripts form unauthenticated sources.

This is nothing but the phishing protection feature of Google Chrome that is protecting your device from malware or installation of bad software on your device. It is bets to not go ahead venturing on such sites once the message occurs to you.

Built-In Download Protection:

Google Chrome doesn’t just allow you to directly download anything and everything onto your desktop. It warns you of viruses and other means that may harm your device. It is because of this Built-in download protection feature that, many a times, we are saved form downloading such software that may end up ruining our laptop or desktop.

The above-mentioned features are not all when it comes to Google Chrome’s privacy settings. You can derive this from the fact that there are little to none targeted ads that Googles provides while you are at it. also, Google is constantly trying to find new ways and means to update its browser. They are looking for ways to develop and upgrade their already existing privacy settings for the best usage experience of the internet surfer.

Having said that, these are the qualities that make Google Chrome the best browser to resort to when it comes to maintaining your privacy. Remember that security is the most important and you don’t want to compromise with it. you don’t want your private details to be misused in any way whatsoever, and Google Chrome gives you that authority.

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