Lagertha Hair Inspired Braids for Summer

Lagertha Hair Inspired Braids for Summer

The winter has come to an end, and now it is the time to bid goodbye to it and usher in the bright, sizzling warm summer that we all have been waiting for. And because we are expecting the summer to be hot, it is time for some of us to style our hair into ridiculously killer Lagertha hair braids. The way to achieve that is simple. See it here and what do you think inspires this badass women hairstyle?

Well, with women such as Lagertha and Daenerys brazing our screens in most TV shows, it is no wonder that every woman wants to copy their fabulous and badass sense of style. Every woman wants to pass by feeling like a daring, sexy Shield Maiden. Therefore, this summer you are likely to see many sexy and beautiful Lagertha hair braids with everyone. Here are some of the braids you will see.

  1. The Shield Maiden Braid.

With subtle teasing on the crown, matched with tight, closely-knit braids running along the sides of Lagertha scalp all culminating into a ponytail, this braid is a better definition of realness.

  1. The Undercut Halo Braid.

Women with any length of hair can rock this Lagertha-inspired hairstyle. This halo-like hair is ideal for those who need a shorter, sassy haircut. Besides, the haircut is paired with a beautiful undercut for a more stylish look.

  1. The Braid of a Unique Colour.

Since the pastel colour is still trending and admired by many even in this summer, then we can incorporate this ethereal look into Lagertha hair for a glam Viking braid. This classic combination gives you magical fierceness. A real Viking unicorn!

  1. The Textured Braid.

This style is inspired by the traditional Viking styles but makes the look somehow softer and sleek by incorporating delicate texture and large voluminous curls to the hairdo. This braid would be suitable for weddings and prom.

  1. The Half-Head Braid.

Though we like braids, our love for loose hair cannot be underestimated. Loose hair gives you freedom and a lot of bounce. However, we shouldn’t always sacrifice one for the other. We can enjoy both worlds as well. Braid your hair on one side and then pin it at the back. This gives you a Viking vibe without the need to braid the whole of your head.

  1. The Viking Princess Braid.

This appears like shield maiden braid in Lagertha hair. The difference is that in this the side braids are left looser and more prominent. The ponytail is also teased and appears waiver, resulting in a sleek look-ideal for Viking princesses.

Lagertha Hair Inspired Braids for Summer

  1. The Man Braid.

Lagertha inspired hair is not rocked by women only. In fact, we cannot claim braids are for women only. It is now a unisex-haircut. For instance, this man bun is stunning and would be refreshing also when worn by women.

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